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Zoo Animals - African Elephants, Indian Elephants, Mammoths 13+. Todays video includes lots of African elephants and Asian elephants also prehistoric proboscidea (elephants) Mammoth, Steppe Mammoth, American Mastodon, Gomphotherium, Amebelodon and Deinotherium. All ancestors of our modern day elephants. Learn lots of interesting facts! My favorites are the Asian elephants and mammoths ❤️ enjoy!

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This video contains more advanced concepts and technical terminology and is suitable for viewers aged 13 and over

Three species of elephant are currently recognised: the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant, and the Asian elephant. African elephants have larger ears and concave backs, whereas Asian elephants have smaller ears, and convex or level backs.

Distinctive features of all elephants include a long proboscis called a trunk, tusks, large ear flaps, massive legs, and tough but sensitive skin. The trunk is used for breathing, bringing food and water to the mouth, and grasping objects. Tusks, which are derived from the incisor teeth, serve both as weapons and as tools for moving objects and digging. The large ear flaps assist in maintaining a constant body temperature as well as in communication. The pillar-like legs carry their great weight

Elephants are an integral part of Nepalese culture and Nepal has a long history of domestication of wild elephants for various purposes. Hindu religious books are replete with stories about elephants. They are also the symbol of strength and status. In the earlier days trained elephants were kept as a means of transport or for big game hunting. Rulers of Asian countries capitalized on the versatility of trained elephants and used them in war, timber trade, transportation of goods, and for religious ceremonies.

The Nepalese government has recognised the importance of elephant conservation and has established five protected reserves and an elephant breeding facility at Khorsor.

Elephants: During Musth secretions containing pheromones occur during this period, from the paired temporal glands located on the head between the lateral edge of the eye and the base of the ear. Elephant sperm must swim close to 2 m to reach the egg. By comparison, human sperm has to swim around only 7.5cm

Elephant: हाथी, হাতি, हत्ती, ఏనుగు, யானை, હાથી, ہاتھی, ಆನೆ, ହାତୀ, ആന, ਹਾਥੀ, हात्ती,
Wild animals: जंगली जानवर, বন্য প্রানী, वन्य प्राणी, காட்டு விலங்குகள், క్రూర మృగాలు, જંગલી પ્રાણીઓ, Animales salvajes, animais selvagens, Animali selvaggi, สัตว์ป่า, Động vật hoang dã, Mga mababangis na hayop, 야생 동물, 野生動物,ਜੰਗਲੀ ਜਾਨਵਰ, जंगली जानवर, বন্য জন্তু, حيوانات برية, дикие животные,

Zoo animals: चिड़ियाघर के जानवर, চিড়িয়াখানা জন্তু, प्राणीसंग्रहालय, జూ జంతువులు, உயிரியல் பூங்கா விலங்குகள், ઝૂ પ્રાણીઓ, حيوانات الحديقة, mga hayop sa zoo, animaux de zoo, Zoo Tiere, גן חיות, Kebun Binatang,animali dello zoo, حیوانات باغ وحش, zwierzęta z zoo, animais do zoológico, ਚਿੜੀਆਘਰ ਦੇ ਜਾਨਵਰ, животные зоопарка, Zoológico de animales, d สวนสัตว์,tam, Hayvanat Bahçesi hayvanları, тварини зоопарку, چڑیا گھر جانور, vườn thú,

Mammoth: ضخم, 长毛象, mammouth, Mammut, マンモス, 거대한, mamut, mamute, мамонт, มหึมา, khổng lồ,

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